Pramerica, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Project Details

Project duration: 9 months (March – December 2016)
Area of site: 61,000m2
Ducting: 6km
Soil excavation: 50,000m3 of fill moved off site
Pond volume: 5,000m3

Project Overview

The construction of a new headquarters for Pramerica in Letterkenny was the biggest construction project to come to Letterkenny in the last few years. The project commenced in early 2016 and it took nine months to complete the 61,000m² site.

Mc Callion Group was responsible for all site and earthworks, to include the excavation and disposal of 50,000m³ of inert soil off site. Due to the sheer volume to be removed off site, the project also included the planning, design and construction of a waste facility site at another location in the town.

The storm water SuDS (sustainable drainage system) for the site was meticulously designed to be environmentally friendly, sustainable and to ensure that the development has no adverse effect on its local surroundings. Firstly, Mc Callion Group constructed a “permeable carpark” by building a lined storm water attenuation tank beneath the carpark, circa 19,000m² in area. The surface was then built up and overlaid with permeable tarmacadam that the rain water could penetrate through and into the storm attenuation tank below. From here the water drains off into a man-made, fully sealed, storm water holding pond at the bottom of the site. The pond is over 2,500m² in area and has the capacity to hold approximately 5,000m³ of water or 5 million litres!! The pond serves its designed purposed of holding the storm water but it is also an iconic feature to the entire site.

Mc Callion Group also constructed all the ancillary buildings, installed all site services such as foul drainage, over 10km of cable ducting, 5km of kerbs, landscaping, paving, concreting works, 25,000m² of tarmacadam road surfacing and line-marking. The buildings themselves were four storey, prefabricated modular buildings. Mc Callion Group installed all services to these buildings, the substructure and structural steel.

The Pramerica project has been shortlisted for the 2017 Irish Building and Design Awards under the category or “Commercial / Office Building Project of the Year” along with “Architectural Project of the Year”.

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